Hi! I’m Brian Hanks!

I’m a dental accountant and can help you buy a dental practice!

If you’ve found a practice you might want to buy, I can help you answer The Big 3 Questions:


Is this a good practice to buy?


If yes, how much should I pay?


If I pay that much, how much money can I make?

When should I call you?

4 Ways I Can Help You:


Get free checklists and guides specifically built for buying a dental practice.


Learn how to find and evaluate a dental practice, and put together your team.


Get guidance that takes you from start to purchase, all with experts in dental transitions.


Schedule a free consultation with me to talk about your specific situation.

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    Negotiating a Dental Practice Purchase – Don’t Be THAT Buyer

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    What others are saying…

    Brian helped me negotiate a sales price of $75,000 less than asking price. He also noticed a mistake on the accounts receivable purchase that saved me another $6,300. His skill more than justified any fee he charged. My favorite part about working with Brian was his patient skill in explaining the how and why of everything we did during the transaction. I loved working with Brian!

    Dr. Matthew K.

    Tukwila, WA

    I had my heart set on two practices that Brian helped talk me out of buying. I bought the third we looked at seriously and am glad I waited. Now that I’m an owner, I’m so glad he helped me avoid those practices that weren’t right for me. Brian really knows his stuff. I would recommend Brian to anyone who is thinking about buying a practice.

    Dr. Brooke P.

    Atlanta, GA

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