Making an Offer on a Practice

There is a right way and SO many wrong ways to make an offer on a practice. Learn how to do it right here.

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Average Staff Costs in Dental Practices

The largest cost in any dental practice is the money paid to staff. So when you are looking to buy a dental practice, the number one expense to pay attention to is staff costs. Staff costs include not just salaries, but also payroll taxes and any benefits or perks...

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How Dental Practice Valuations Work

Some dentists think there is a “right” price for every dental practice on the market. They assume dental practices are like home values, where someone out there with the right formula can input some numbers into a calculator and get the “fair appraised” value for any...

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One Stupid Reason Some Sellers Don’t Sell the A/R

I was talking to a broker recently and learned something so mind-blowingly stupid that I was literally speechless. You should know about it, too, in case it comes up in a transition you're involved in. In almost every dental transition the decision of whether or not...

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BofA is Lending Again! Here’s What You Need to Know

As of Tuesday of this week, Bank of America is back open for the business of lending on dental transitions. This is a big deal, and if you're in the market for buying a practice anytime in the next few years you need to pay attention to this development. In 2019, Bank...

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My 2020 Dental School Commencement Address

<My imagined dental school commencement address, if I had the opportunity to speak at a dental school graduation today.> To those of you graduating and finishing your various dental school and residency programs...I won't sugar coat things: you're going to need...

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Use a Contingency Clause in Uncertain Times

Understandably many buyers are nervous about what the Coronavirus shutdown means for their plans to buy a practice. Are practice values going down? Should I wait? How will I know if a practice's patient base is still loyal? Will treatment acceptance rates go down? All...

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Can You Buy a Practice Right Out of Dental School?

What if the standard advice to “find a private practice where you’ll see a lot of production as an associate and then buy” just won’t do it for you personally? What if you think you want to buy a dental practice straight out of dental school? It can happen. But I...

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How an LOI Works in Dental Transitions + 2 Mistakes to Avoid

In a strict definition, a letter of intent (LOI) is simply a legally non-binding offer to buy a practice from a seller. You’re simply telling a seller, “I want to buy your practice for this much money on this date with these broad terms spelled out.” The main purpose...

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First Steps as a Dental Practice Owner

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