Virtual Advanced Practice Acquisition Seminar

With Brian Hanks & David Cohen

Understand how to find & analyze, perform due diligence, and get the best loans for your new practice.

What is it?

This 4-week, highly interactive course will teach you what you need to know to buy your own practice.

You’ve probably heard that you need an accountant and lawyer to buy a practice, right? Now you have them as your personal tutors.

You’ll have two of the most experienced names in dental transitions teaching you everything they know about finding, analyzing, negotiating, and closing on the perfect practice for you.

Because of the interactive nature of the teaching, the course is limited to the first 12 people to sign up.

When is it?

The course will be taught virtually over five weeks with each session lasting 90 minutes.

Each live session will include pre-work, some teaching and practice with that day’s material. E.g. while analyzing a practice for sale, you’ll get actual practice numbers to practice with, ask questions, and get live feedback for the group.

What will I learn?


Finding a practice & Assembling your team

  • How to Work with Brokers
  • How to Find Off-Market Practices
  • Other Methods to Find Practices for Sale
  • How & When to Hire Your Accountant & Lawyer

Analyzing a practice for sale

  • How to Read a Tax Return and P&L
  • A Complete Practice Evaluation
  • Practice Evaluation #1
  • Practice Evaluation #2
  • How Practice Evaluations Work
  • How to Calculate How Much Money You’ll Make

The LOI, Negotiation Tips & Legal Documentation

  • When to Submit the LOI
  • What to Negotiate in an LOI
  • Negotiation Tips that Work
  • Legal Document Basics
  • Legal Non-negotiables

Bank Financing & Due Diligence

  • Which Banks to Talk with for Bank Financing
  • How to Analyze a Bank Loan
  • How to Negotiate the Best Loan Terms
  • When to Do Due Diligence

How much is it?

This is the first of many seminars. Your first-time pricing will be $995 total. After this session closes, the price will be $1,995.

What will I get?

Your participation will include the following tools, all yours to keep

  • Sample mailers & networking tracking sheet
  • Practice Purchase Analysis spreadsheet tool
  • Example financials from real dental practices
  • Editable draft LOI to submit
  • Bank Loan comparison tool
  • Practice & real-time feedback

What are the requirements?

This is not a passive webinar where you can go on mute and multi-task. Active participation is required.

Each session will have robust participation, Q&A and back-and-forth conversation. We want real dentists to see real results from this virtual seminar.

This is the primary we’re limiting the number of participants to 12

Pre-work will be required for each session. Attendance will be required. You can make up one missed session by watching the webinar.

Those unable to complete the pre-work or attend will be asked to leave the group without a refund.  

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