Brokers are a great source to find a dental practice for sale.

But many buyers have trouble getting a response from brokers when they’re looking for more information on an area or specific practice.

I’ll share one near sure-fire way to get a broker to pay attention to you and get back to you.

It’s quick and easy.

Definitely read 4 Tips to Use a Broker to Find a Practice and Exactly How I Would Reach Out to a Broker for detailed background on brokers, what they care about and why you might experience a delayed response from the average broker around the country.

Several brokers I reached out to recently validated the tip below as close to as a guaranteed way as possible to ensure you hear back from a broker.

It’s three total steps:

  1. Go to the broker’s website
  2. Find their standard non-disclosure or confidentiality document
  3. Sign it and send it back to them

Sending back the broker’s chosen confidentiality document is as clear a signal as I can imagine that you are a serious buyer and deserve a callback.

It shows you’re ready to have a serious conversation about buying a dental practice.

It shows you respect the broker and their process.

And it’s easy.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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